All of our projects begin at the design phase. We offer this service at the highest level. Our interior designers will work with you to turn your project into an aesthetic, practical and successful design. We pride ourselves on our continuing professional development and in-depth training ensuring they produce better living environments for today’s lifestyle.
During this consultation we will assess the property, review and consult on house plans and discuss your project requirements in detail. By talking with you we will establish your individual requirements for the space, the function of the room/s, layout options, aesthetics, you must haves, your wish list and your approximate budget will be discussed to enable the design process to commence. If commissioned we are qualified to provide design services and selections for any room within the home.
Following the initial consultation we will present you with a client proposal agreement which once agreed upon commissions us to proceed with the design. The agreement outlines the scope of works for the design and the associated fees which is based upon the estimated amount of working hours of the project. FIRST HALF DESIGN works on both small and large scale projects and our fees are calculated based on the scope of work.
During the Concept stage of the design process we will establish the design brief and produce the conceptual drawings for your project. we will present our preliminary design proposal. The proposed design encapsulates your wants and individual requirements all ascertained in the brief. We will explain our thinking behind the design and present our concepts and recommendations.   
In this stage, we demand our clients’ approval on all the perspectives and the CAD drawings, so we can proceed with the shop drawings that will bring the design into the implementation process.
During the Design Development Stage the design is further developed and any necessary modifications are made to the design. All drawings and specifications including finishes and fixtures are finalised, 3 Dimensional drawings for different aspects of the design will be produced within this stage, and a comprehensive layout plans and sections will demonstrate every detail of the new project.  A site meeting with relevant trades will be required to establish costs associated with the project.
We are committed to deliver our designs in the best quality and the approved time frame, we can manage implementing your project in different sort of ways, or even providing a weekly, monthly or on demand visits to your project premises. Please ask about our project management offers.
If commissioned we are qualified to provide design services as well as source and supply everything for any room within the home including floor and wall coverings, lighting, soft furnishings and other materials including furniture, ornaments, curtains, rugs, artwork, carpets, and other accessories for interior decoration. We have access to a large and exquisite range of trade only fabric houses and furniture suppliers. Obviously every project is unique and we will tailor our services to suit your individual requirements.